Family Prayer Box

Here is one way to help your family become a praying family: Keep a prayer box in your home. Keep little pieces of paper and pens next to it.

When someone in your family needs prayer, they can write their prayer requests on the pieces of paper and place these in the prayer box.

Family members can also put in prayer requests for their friends, or other prayer needs that are on their hearts.

Each time you pass by the prayer box, say a prayer asking God to respond to the requests in the box.

At some point, stop and read the requests and ask the Lord to respond to them. Put them back in the box.

Choose a time each week when the family gathers together and reads and prays out loud the prayer requests in the box.

Don’t forget to write “praises” (a note about prayers that were answered) on the pieces of paper and put them in the box too, thanking God for answered prayers.

You can even write the prayer request on one side of the little piece of paper, and then when the prayer is answered, write the “praise” on the other side. This is a great visual way to help everyone see how God has answered the prayers.

You may want to keep a container beside the prayer box where you transfer answered prayers/praises.

And keep adding new prayer requests to the prayer box.