God Is Always with You

God is with you all the time. He loves to sit with you, walk with you, play and laugh with you. He shares your joys, and weeps with you when you’re sad. He talks to you, He even sings to you. He is always willing to guide you, to answer your questions, to listen to the cries of your heart.

Even when you don’t say a word, He loves being with you. But He also loves to hear from you. Whether you have something difficult to talk to Him about, or you just need to vent (He gets it!), or if you simply want to say, “Hi, God, how are You?” or just chat about your daily life, He loves to listen and to answer back. Spending time with you is His favorite thing to do.

This blog was created as a place to learn about talking to God, and to share experiences of talking with Him, hearing Him, seeing what happens from those amazing conversations.

Talking with God is prayer, so this blog is about prayer. Prayer is nothing more than a conversation with God. But it’s a powerful conversation with incredible results – for us, for our families, for our communities. Prayer can move mountains, and we will share about that here.

But prayer is also just sharing your heart with God. Sitting with God on an ordinary day – talking, not talking, just hanging out. Just telling Him whatever is on your mind. Or just enjoying a quiet moment with Him. All of that is prayer. And sharing about prayer reminds us that God is always with us, and it’s His favorite place to be.