Prayer Works!

Prayer works. I’m telling you. Prayer works. It works because through prayer we invite God to work.

The past few weeks have not been easy but I’ve stayed mostly encouraged. Tonight while going into a group prayer time the enemy clobbered me with discouragement. I still went for prayer out of sheer obedience. When we finished I didn’t feel any better. More prayers – heart cries, to be exact.

And then … for those who know me this is really big. The prayer leader tonight talked about how the enemy’s biggest focus is to destroy us to the point where we are ineffective. Well, yeh – he does that with me in seeking comfort in food rather than in God. This is especially big for me because I have a personal and generational history of not wanting to choose life.

So tonight as I left the prayer meeting I wanted nothing more than to go home and eat some bad “comfort” food and keep feeling discouraged about everything.

Instead, I talked to God all the way home, simply asked, “Help!!!!!!!” And by the time I got home I was ready to sit and listen to Him. I made a very healthy meal, started praying and asking for prayer, and I feel completely uplifted and my focus is back where it should be: on JESUS.

HE did all this. He grappled the enemy and dismissed him. He grappled with me and my unbelief. He got me focused on “choosing life” for the generations, got me focused on Him … and kept that self-destruction our prayer leader had just talked about from happening.

GOD is so awesome, so real, so powerful, so faithful, so good, and there is nothing He can’t do.


Go God!!!!!