Pockets of Prayer

There are certain stretches of highway that I love driving. One runs through Macon, Georgia, and another through Gainesville, Georgia. Those I travel frequently so I’m aware of them. But I believe many other pockets exist.

These are pockets of prayer on the highway. The result of someone(s) praying in that vicinity for years. It may be a church. It may be an individual. It may be a business. It may be a family. But someone is praying. A lot.

The best way I can describe the feeling of driving through that area is Peace. Rest. Exhale. An awareness of nothing but God’s presence, all around. A lifting of every burden. A reminder that His Kingdom is real, and now.

When you pray, your prayers not only change your heart, your family, and even the world with the ways you’re inviting God to move. Your prayers affect the atmosphere around you. Spend an hour just sitting in God’s presence, soaking Him in, then go to Wal-Mart. You might not see the results but I guarantee you that people’s lives will be affected for the better that day.

It’s like the scripture verse where people were healed as Peter walked by and his shadow brushed over them (Acts 5:15). When you pray, you affect the atmosphere and the people around you in the very same way. They may not know it’s your prayers that just brushed over them, but what they will know is an awesome encounter with the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ that day.

I could sit all day in those pockets of prayer along the highway. It is so refreshing. One of them is good for local business – I always stop for gas there, because I can spend more time breathing in that Peace of Christ.

Do you love to pray? I’ll bet you have a pocket of prayer around you and don’t even know it. Keep praying! The world needs your prayers. God bless you.