School Kids in Nepal – A Prayer

Thinking about these precious Nepali school kids tonight. Our kids here are out for the summer. Some of our kids have a hard time when they’re not at school to receive meals. Some can’t count on family being around when they’re home on summer break. I wonder about these sweet girls in Nepal. What’s going on in their lives today?

Lord Jesus, bless these girls. Protect them. Let them know how much You love them. You know what their needs are, their fears, their hopes, the stuff they struggle with every day that I can’t imagine. Meet them where they are. Let them know how much they matter to You. That You have an amazing plan for them, and that You will help them every step. Lord, I remember these children walking long distances through the mountains to school. Let them know You walk with them, and You will never leave them or forsake them. Thank You, Lord, for the privilege of praying for these girls tonight. In Jesus’ name. Amen