Prayers Like Feathers

When I talk to God … I feel like I’m curled in a nest of feathers. Not a bird’s feathers. Feathers made by God.

Every prayer feels like a soft feather. Makes me feel safe with God.

I wonder … when I pray for people, do they feel safe in God’s feather nest too?

We learned at school about a little girl who lives in Nepal, who has to walk a long way over the mountains to go to her school. I prayed for her. I wonder if she will feel the prayers like feathers, and it will help her feel better. Maybe if lots of kids would pray for her, she would feel all snuggly in her prayer feather nest like me.

My parents told me about a little girl who lives nearby and doesn’t have a mommy. I prayed for her too. I know feathers can’t replace a mommy, but God can be her mommy. And God can give her lots of other mommies to love her too. Maybe she feels those feather prayers, and feels hopeful that God will take good care of her.

A little boy got hurt on the playground today. Our teacher said his dad called and he is doing all right. He just doesn’t feel good right now. I just prayed for him. I wonder if he will feel the prayers like feathers and not hurt so much. Maybe he will even smile and know God loves him. I know he will get better with God’s help.

There’s lots of people to pray for. I can’t pray for every person in the world. But if we all pray for someone, then everyone will get prayed for. Imagine everyone in the world, snuggled in their giant feather nests, knowing God loves them.

That is my prayer.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge – Psalm 91:4 (NIV)