Are You Looking at the Moon?

What a beautiful moon tonight. It’s 24 hours shy of full. It’s right outside my window, like I can touch it.

It’s late where you live, and I’m sure you’re asleep. But I wonder if you see its brightness in your dreams. Wonder if it reminds you of how God shines on you.

You live so far away from me. But it amazes me that if you were awake now, and looked into the sky, you’d see the same moon.

I saw the movie, Son of God tonight. I don’t have words. I feel stunned in every cell of my being. All I can do is sit, and just be. I’m amazed at God, and that word doesn’t really convey what this feeling is.

All I can think right now is how much He loves you. I really want you to know that, more than anything. I know He will show you – tonight, in your dreams; tomorrow, in your waking; and throughout every day of your life.

He will show you His love.

I have absolute assurance in my heart that He will, and that gives me joy beyond measure.