A Pigeon of Peace

I was about to receive prayer ministry. God was stirring up “something.”

The past few months have been rough. I’ve barely held it together. I had to take time off to avert a crisis. Then I got sick.

During this time, I felt my workload increasing while I barely had enough energy to breathe. I had to put up lots of boundaries.

Everyone was understanding, but it bothered me. Boundaries are good, and healthy. I didn’t know why it bothered me so much.

I knew the Lord was about to reveal the “why” in my session.

Would I make it to my session?

I started to ask the Lord that very question, along with another question: How will I eat lunch today? This was my one day a month when I have a lunchtime meeting, and I hadn’t thought to bring anything with me.

Just as I started to feel frustrated, poof! A pigeon appeared on the window ledge of my office. I didn’t know my office had a window ledge, and this was a very large pigeon. He was staring at me.

He walked along the ledge to get even closer to where I sat, and stared some more.

I reached for my phone so I could take a picture of him – not that anyone else would be amazed, but because I was so amazed. Who even knew I had a window ledge? He kept staring and a deep laughter bubbled up inside me. It felt like the “poof” of his presence uncorked my joy that, frankly, I’d forgotten about for weeks.

I took a few pictures and then my camera rang. I do so many things on my phone that I often forget it is a phone. In the middle of the pigeon photo was the name of the prayer minister I was about to meet. I pushed “Answer” and said something like, “Huh?”

The pigeon’s appearance on the ledge had drained my thoughts. Considering they were thoughts of angst, that was a good thing.

As I tried to tell her about the pigeon, another pigeon joined this one. Now they were both staring. I’ve been in this office since July and this has never happened. Did I mention I had no idea my second-story window has a ledge, or that a bird would want to sit so high? The ledge is not that wide, either.

Finally the second pigeon flew off, and the first one flew across the narrow courtyard to perch on a ledge that now appeared across from me.

He spread out his wings and just rested. I’ve never seen a bird rest like this. I felt peace just to look at him, and all my frustrated thoughts were gone.

He was a beautiful pigeon. I don’t know that I’ve ever used the words “beautiful” and “pigeon” together. I’ve never looked that closely at a pigeon, but this one was gorgeous, sitting in the sun with such peace. His throat was a brilliant purple, the color of royalty. A pigeon by any other name is a dove, and this dove was a messenger of peace.

My prayer minister was amazed God had prompted her to call at that moment, so she could share in the amazing peace of that pigeon. She reminded me that God has a way of duping me into getting my healing by approaching me with animals. In the middle of a session, the wounds of my heart cause me to push Him away. So He woos me with an animal. Usually He brings them to me in visions. This one was right in my face. Even resting, it looked right at me.

She said, “I can’t top that, but I called to ask if you’d like me to pick up lunch and bring it to you.”


“Actually, you did top the pigeon,” I said. “I was just asking God how in the world I’m supposed to eat today. Thank you.”

The session that followed brought deep peace. The Lord always brings peace, in every session I’ve ever been part of, receiving or giving. This time He surpassed anything I’d experienced. My prayer ministry friends will tell you I always say that, and it’s true. He always outdoes Himself. Because He can.

This time He had prepared me with a beautiful pigeon.

A day and two sessions later, as I look at the ledge in the gathering dusk, I can still see the peace of that sweet bird.

And I see God smiling. I can’t help but smile too.

Good job, God. Thanks.