Do You Have a Beard, God?

Hi, God.

Do You have a beard, like my dad?

He doesn’t have a super-long beard like some dads. I guess he doesn’t really have a beard at all, because he shaves his chin every morning.

But when he comes home at the end of the day, his beard has grown back.

It’s kinda rough around his chin. I can’t really see it unless I look really close. But I can feel it.

He walks in and smiles, because he knows I’m gonna do “show and tell” about my day.

He picks me up and brushes his chin against my face. I giggle. I like the way it feels. It makes my dad feel real. When he lets me take a turn and brush my chin against his face, he laughs too. I feel like he’s all mine.

Are You that way, God? Do You have a beard? Will You brush Your chin on my face, so I know You’re real?

Somehow I think You would!

And You’d laugh too.

Anyway, I guess You must be real, and pretty smart too. Cuz You gave me my dad. Dads are pretty cool.