The Chill of Autumn and the Warmth of God

It’s starting to get chilly in north Georgia. I’m glad. This was a long, hot summer and I am looking forward to some cooler weather. I love the fall season. It’s my favorite time of year. It was my favorite when I was young, although the intervening years brought some hardships with the fall season. It took some time for me to be reconciled with this beautiful season, but now I am, and I’m excited. I look forward to wonderful things happening this fall, and for God to show us His glory in a whole new way in this bright season of hope.

However, there is one problem with chilly weather, and that is the need for heat to stay warm. My heater is broken and is in the process of being repaired, with the completion date estimated at next week. So I wondered how I would stay warm until then. Although I love the cooler weather, I’m still a wimp when it comes to needing warmth.

So I asked God to please keep me warm during the upcoming week and a half. He responded. My wonderful landlord showed up at my doorstep this morning with a powerful portable heater! I am now toasty warm. I thank God every day for the wonderful family that has allowed me to live on their property and has constantly shown such kindness and thoughtfulness for my comfort and well being. They are a blessing and a gift. Thank You, God.