Inner Healing for Christian Writers

Christian inner healing has helped me as a person, and also as a writer. The Lord has used inner healing to help me overcome things that blocked my writing voice. Inner healing has also helped me hear God’s voice more clearly. I can also refer to what I’ve experienced through inner healing to understand my characters when I write fiction. Inner healing has also helped me share my heart with readers in the non-fiction pieces I write.

In my experience, Christian inner healing has been a wonderful way for me to grow in my faith and in my call to write. I thank God for opening this door for me. He heals in many ways, and inner healing is one of the ways He has chosen to bring healing to my heart and to help me along His path of transformation.

God has brought healing in many areas of my life, all of which affect me as a writer. However, there have been some inner healing sessions where God and I distinctly worked on my struggles as a writer. I hope to share some of those here in the future, as well as the good fruit that has resulted from those prayers.

Thank You, Lord, that You are always ready to work in our hearts, to bring good changes, new life, joy, freedom, and peace. Thank You also that You love each one of us so dearly and call each of us to be, in every way, the person You created us to be. Thank You for the gift of writing, and for Your call on us to use writing to worship You, and to point the way to Christ. Help us to find deeper healing in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.