God Saved My Life

The enemy must be getting desperate. Two nights ago, I woke from a deep sleep at 1:30 a.m. – choking to death. It was the same sensation as taking water into your lungs while swimming, only worse. I couldn’t breathe in or out. It was surreal. I was strangely calm. I had this awareness that if I was about to die, I’d be all right. But I also felt that I wanted to live, that there are things I’d like to do and I’m finally enjoying my life. So I silently asked Jesus to help me.

It was as if He thumped me on the back and I was able to cough and I could breathe again. He saved my life.

I had enough assurance of His presence that I could go back to sleep without concern. I did ask Him, before going back to sleep, to send the enemy out of my house and to flood me and my home with His Holy Spirit. Then I went to sleep. I woke up feeling fine except a little soreness in my chest from the struggle to breathe.

Since that night, I have thought often about what happened. That one incident has built my faith in such a huge way. If God could save my life while I was choking alone in my house in the middle of the night … what can’t He do? Why should I worry about anything? I have felt such assurance since then. I am in very good hands. We all are. Thank You, God!