God Healed My Eye

I was recovering from the flu when I noticed bright flashes and a dark haze over my left eye. For two days I figured it was flu-related but it got worse. I asked our intercessory prayer team for prayer. By Friday, October 16, there was no change so I went to the eye doctor. Based on my symptoms, he called to schedule me for emergency surgery before even running tests. He thought I had a detached retina and could go blind at any moment.

I sat in the examination chair and prayed the whole time, knowing that Jesus is my Healer. I told the doctor that too. When the doctor ran the tests, he was amazed that “all” I had was a detached vitreous. I told the doctor I had been praying. The retina was hemorrhaging and the pressure could still pull it loose. I told the doctor my friends and I would keep praying. I had a peace in my spirit that everything would be fine. He told me to watch over the weekend and call if anything changed. I went immediately to my church where folks prayed over me.

On Monday, the doctor ran more tests. The hemorrhage was much smaller, there was less vitreous material blocking my vision, and he agreed I was out of immediate danger. I told him lots of folks had prayed, and he said, “Well, their prayers worked.” He told me it would take a long time, possibly a year or more, for complete healing and clear vision. Six months later I went in for a check-up. Everything was back to normal. Thank You, God!


Update (Feb 2014) – I’ve had several illnesses since then, with bouts of coughing, including a really bad upper respiratory infection in February 2014 with severe coughing for several weeks – and NO problems with either of my eyes, NO problems with the vitreous or retina. My eyes are healed. PRAISE GOD!!!


Update (Oct 22, 2015) – I went to the eye doctor today for a glasses prescription update. When he asked about my history, I told him about the healed vitreous. He wanted to check on this, so he advised that I have a retinal scan. To his surprise, and to my elation, the scan showed a beautiful retina with no sign that any detachment had ever occurred. Instead, there was a different kind of sign: in the upper corner of my retina was a bright cross! God’s way of saying, “I’ve been here, and you are healed.” Thank You, God.