God’s Words to Us as Children

I pray for kids a lot. Many of them have had a tough time in their young lives. I also pray for “big kids” who had a tough childhood. (I did too.)

As I was praying this morning, I felt that the Lord was showing me how much He is there for each child, how present He is in their lives, whether or not they realize it.

We read in Scripture how Jesus picked up each child that came to him, and held them close and blessed them. I believe He spoke to them His love, His truth about who they are to Him, His plans for their lives.

I felt that the Lord was saying He does this for every child – that He is always present, always holding them close, always blessing them, always speaking to them – how much He loves them, who they are to Him, all the truth they will ever need to hear.

I think things get in the way of children hearing those constant words of His. But the words are still there, to be claimed.

That’s my prayer – for the little and “big” kids I’m praying for (and for me too) – that the Lord will help each one of us to receive every word of love and life and encouragement and truth, every blessing that He’s ever spoken to us. That we will become alive to His words for us. That He will restore to us every word of His that we’ve missed or “lost.” That He’ll help every part of us to receive all that He has ever spoken to us, since the day He first breathed life into our spirits.

In Jesus’ name.