Every day with God is an amazing adventure.

It’s wonderful to wake up each morning and ask God, “What’s new today?” and set off on a grand adventure together.

Throughout the day, what a privilege to stay aware of His presence, interact with Him, and sometimes just sit quietly with Him. That’s the foundation of a great relationship that keeps on growing.

You also get to invite God into your activities, and try to stay tuned to the activities and encounters He is inviting you to.

Think about how children live each day — freely open to what’s next, ready to seek the best out of every day. That’s the spirit for experiencing each day with God.

An awesome adventure with God is available to you every day. It’s always interesting and engaging, often beyond your wildest dreams.

This is the place where I write and share about my adventures with God. I hope you will find a spark here to encourage you in your daily adventures with Him. Enjoy!

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